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We are a 100% Australian owned and operated family business with over 60 years combined experience in the Fire Door industry. Our team at Brisbane Fire Doors are known for their consistent high standard of workmanship and always pay attention to detail. All our fire doors and frames are Australian Made, so if it’s quality at a low price you want… you’ve come to the right place.

Making It Easy

If there is one thing we are good at, it’s making life easy when it comes to fire door issues. We like to keep things simple and we like to do things right.

  • Need some guidance with a fire door issue? Too Easy - give us a call.
  • Need us to come out on site? Too Easy – give us a call.
  • Need a door replacing immediately? Too Easy – give us a call.
  • Need correct answers regarding the fire doors in your building? Too Easy – give us a call.
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Did You Know?

The Queensland Government has updated the Fire compliance legislation. The Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations have made it compulsory for building owners (landlords), rental managers and body corporate managers to ensure that all Fire Doors are compliant and correctly maintained on a regular basis. This means that all fire doors must be inspected every 6 months to a year (depending on your buildings classification) by qualified fire door specialists. Brisbane Fire Doors specialise in this service.

All you have to do is call us on 1800 347 336 and one of our specialists will come out, inspect your fire doors, and provide you with an up to date inspection report. In the event there are problems with any of the fire doors in your building, we will provide an obligation free quote to rectify the problem.

Body Corporate Privileges…

Brisbane Fire Doors is now providing a FREE service to all Body Corporate Bodies. Fire Doors can be a confusing topic, and our aim is to remove any confusion. Our offer to you is that one of our Fire Door experts sits in on your next body corporate meeting and answers ALL questions relating to the fire doors in your building. This is an OBLIGATION FREE and COST FREE service that has been a great success in the past in ensuring body corporate members are making correct and informed decisions regarding their Fire doors. With zero cost and zero obligation, you have nothing to lose. Call us today to book in one of our fire door experts for your next body corporate meeting.

Customers come in all shapes and sizes

Small unit dwellings, apartment buildings, high rise resorts, shopping centres. Government buildings and commercial structures… The team at Brisbane Fire Doors has extensive experience in all job sizes. Not just 1 or 2 jobs of each size… but literally 100’s of jobs of each size.

We pay attention to detail, we know how to manage a team and we understand the importance of active communication with Body Corps and Centre Managements.

This website contains a great deal of useful information relating to the fire door industry. So please have a look around. To speak with one of our fully trained specialists, please give us a call today.