Fire Door Services Provided

Brisbane Fire Door Inspection

Regular fire door inspections are compulsory in Queensland and they ensure that all fire doors will operate properly in the case of a fire. Brisbane Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform all types of fire door inspections, and all our Brisbane Fire Door inspectors are fully qualified tradesmen. This means they have the ability to make minor adjustments to fire doors while they are being inspected. This can be the difference between a fire door passing or failing, and it prevents the need for someone else to return at an extra cost.

On completion of a fire door inspection, a detailed Record of Maintenance will be provided. This report outlines the condition of each door, which doors have passed the inspection and which may have failed. If there are any non-compliant doors, you will also be provided with two detailed quotes. The first is a quote to rectify any critical defects, the second to rectify any non-critical defects. These quotes will outline what repairs or maintenance is required to make those fire doors compliant once again.

Brisbane Fire Door Maintenance

Repairing or replacing non-compliant fire doors must be carried out by tradesmen that are fully qualified in the industry. Brisbane Fire Doors carry out all fire door maintenance in a timely and professional manner and to budget. We work very closely with body corporate bodies, building managers, centre managers and committees to ensure we achieve the best solution for your building. To make it easy for you, Brisbane Fire Doors can produce personal maintenance packages to suit all needs and budgets. By communicating and working closely with our clients, we can make fire door maintenance very cost efficient, without ongoing disruption to tenants, owners or guests.

Brisbane Fire Door Certification

Brisbane Fire Doors hold an unrestricted QBCC license and full insurance to certify fire doors. It is always an absolute must to check the QBCC website to ensure your tradesman is fully licensed to carry out work on a fire door. IMPORTANT: We include the cost of Certification on all our fire door installation quotes. Please watch out for businesses that do not include the Certification in their quote. This can lead to an unexpected additional expense after the work has been completed.

Once a fire door has been installed or after one has been replaced, the door is assigned a unique tag number. The building is then issued with a certificate relating to that specific door. This certificate outlines the doors features including location, size, fire rating, type of door, hardware and date installed. It also shows the address and owner(s) of the building. It is important to keep this certificate in an easily accessible location and it should form part of the buildings log books.

Fire Door Frame Maintenance and Replacement

An integral part of any fire door set is the door frame. It is therefore essential that all fire door frames are maintained to standard. As most fire door frames are constructed of metal, the most common problem is rust. Brisbane Fire Doors has a complete maintenance and full replacement program for metal door frames, hinges and striker plates. Frames can be replaced with Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel or Galvabond. For hinges, the most common problem is a torn top corner which leaves the door hanging unevenly. Although hinges are welded to a concrete filled metal frame, our metal works specialists can replace old damaged hinges with new hinges onsite with minimal mess and cost…. And the results are fantastic.